Silicone Inquiry with SSPInc.

Although SSPInc. does not manufacture menstrual cups or any parts for them, they do work with different types of silicones and were nice enough to take some time to answer some of my questions.

Paul DiCaprio (New York)

Specialty Silicone Products, Inc. Since 1988

3 McCrea Hill Road

Ballston Spa, NY 12020

President and Director of Sales & Marketing of Specialty Silicone Inc.

Skills:  GE Silicones, Quantum Silicones, and SSPInc.

Specializing in:  Automotive Aftermarket, Aviation/Aerospace, Communications, Construction, Consumer, Electronics, Footwear, Marine, Medical, Military, and Pharmaceutical


Feb 06, 2017

“Thank you for contacting us. You are very educated on silicone rubber. I can tell you have done your homework.

Specialty Silicone Products, Inc does NOT manufacture silicone rubber. We buy the silicone rubber from the manufacturers and then add colors, fillers, and other additives to meet customers’ properties. None of the silicone rubber manufacturers sell/make any final products, like menstrual cups, cookware, baby bottle nipples, etc.  I believe the companies in China are buying silicone rubber from the manufacturers and then adding fillers, catalysts and potentially other ingredients and then molding the menstrual cups. (FYI…SSP does not make menstrual cups or any other parts that are inserted/implanted in bodies)

The major silicone rubber manufacturers in the world are. You would have to contact one of them to get the information you are looking for.

Although we do not manufacture the silicone rubber that we use to make our products, we are very familiar with silicone rubber and will share with you information based on our experience.

Good luck in your quest for answers to the products you are buying.

You can share my responses to others. Glad the info I provided was helpful”

Paul DiCaprio

Platinum vs Peroxide Curing Silicones – PLATINUM curing is what is typically used for any medical implantable device. Platinum curing has no byproducts as a result of the curing process.

I do not know of any company using a peroxide cure silicone for implantable devices.  To the best of my knowledge, you can’t tell by looking at the silicone if it used a peroxide or platinum-curing silicone.

Medical Grade Silicone –  This term is used very loosely. Companies can buy medical grade silicone and then put fillers in them.  If this is done, the silicone could still be classified as Medical Grade…if the correct fillers were used.  There is no visual test that we know of to be able to tell if a product claiming it was made of medical grade silicone was actually made with it.

Food Grade vs Medical Grade –  The silicone rubber we buy is both food grade and medical grade.  Since this product you are using is being inserted into the body, I would focus on whether it uses a medical grade silicone versus a food grade silicone.

Compression Molding vs Injection Molding – We do both injection and compression molding. If we use a pure platinum-curing silicone rubber from one of the big manufacturers listed above, it will NOT turn white when stretched (regardless if it is injection molded or compression molded). In our opinion, a clear silicone will turn white only if a precipitated filler is added to it. If the silicone turns white when it is stretched, I would be wary of using this product…only because you know something was added to it.

Boiling – All platinum curing silicones can be boiled. A peroxide curing silicone is not recommended for boiling. The cross-linking that occurs with peroxide cured silicones is not sufficient to withstand boiling. This has nothing to do with it high-temperature capability. All silicone rubber (regardless if they are cured using platinum or peroxide) can withstand up to 400F without any adverse effects.

Burning Silicone – Both platinum and peroxide silicones will support a flame. They will not burn like a piece of paper or plastic, but they will burn. A gray ash does form when either of these silicones is burned.

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